"SpaceExcavators" by SANZIGEN COMPUTER will be available on Steam!!
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Game Introduction ① Story

With the comrades of Excavators General Partnership (Excavators GP), clear the stages as you face the United Planets Force (UPF) and rivaling company I-Machine, while also destroying obstacles drifting in outer space.
Consisting of 5 stages, at the end of each level, players will find difficult Orichalt to excavate and face powerful bosses. At the final stage, “that man” may be waiting for ID0…?!
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Game Introduction ② Battle

There are enemies that can be beaten with one or two hits, but others that can't be defeated unless their stamina runs out. Attack power can be strengthened up to 3 levels by acquiring items, so don't fail to capture them.
Also, it's possible to change your BUDDY that fights alongside ID0. Attack stats are different for each BUDDY, so fight strategically for each stage.
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Game Introduction ③ Gaming Tips

●Hints are hiding within the conversation● ●“MATTSUN” will wipe out enemies●
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Look out for hints hiding within the conversation of the characters that appear at the start of each stage! You can wipe out enemies with “MATTSUN”, which you can obtain throughout the stage. Think strategically and activate when you're ready.

Product Description

Title:SANGIGEN COMPUTER “SpaceExcavators”
Genre:Side Scrolling Shooting Game
Supported OS:Windows / Mac
Price:19.99USD +tax
  Windows OS X
OS Windows7 or later Mountain Lion or later
CPU Above 2 core 2GHz Above 2 core 2GHz
Graphics Card Intel HD Graphics 4000 or higher Intel HD Graphics 4000 or higher
Memory Above 4 GB Above 4 GB
※May meet the operation environment, but doesn't guarantee the operation.
※Card type USB version was sold out.

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